The last word

There are a number of things I cannot resist in life.  Beautiful shoes.  A hot cup of tea.  New books.  Getting the last word.

Yip, quite a variety.  I can cut down on my shopping but I cannot limit my need for the final say on a matter.

Terrible habit I know.

This past Friday was a typical example.  I had a busy weekend planned.  Was going to have an awesome braai at home,  visit the gym, get on top of the laundry and give our home a clean.

Plans in place, I took a walk at lunchtime on Friday and ran into the worlds biggest snob on my way back.  This is someone that shamelessly brags and when she doesn’t have anything she deems worthy to boast about, will ignore you.  After a fun exchange involving her fancy (at least in her opinion) car I made my way back to my office.  But not before she asked if we were away at one of our favourite places this weekend.  I told her we weren’t.   “We are”  she announced brightly as I made my escape.

I told hubby on the way about the exchange with the snob.  I said I’d love to just go and put it on Facebook so she’d know we’d been and snubbed her again.   She has tried to meet up before and was quite astounded when I pretended we weren’t going before.

So we made a last minute reservation and had a fantastic weekend.

Laundry, housework and gym waited.  The braai was moved much closer to the sea and we had a blast.  I put it all over Facebook.  I’m usually more reserved.  But posts involved putting my gps on, adding photos and then posting the next day to make my point.

She liked the first post (she never likes anything I post).

Hubby had a great weekend and the braai was delicious.

It was a spontaneous getaway although I am sorry to all my other friends on FB who must have wondered what the hell I was posting so much for.

So sorry about that but it was for a good cause.








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