Monday musings

After Saturday not going as well as I’d hoped, I ended up making unhealthy food choices and reaching for a glass of wine instead of my running shoes numerous times over the weekend.

But I’m not going to dwell on it and choose to start the week off on a healthier note with a dash of positivity.  I’m on glass number 5 of water, have eaten fruit and will have my second yoghurt just after 2:00pm.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that I have no idea of the way forward with my parents (is there even a path going forward?) I’m going to count my blessings:

  • My Husband.  He always has my back and I can rely on him which is wonderful and not something I take for granted.  He has helped me so much with dealing with my parents.
  • The beautiful photo we bought while on holiday has been put into the deep box frame and is on the lounge wall.  Looks stunning and finishes off the wall perfectly.
  • Dinner with hubby’s parents tonight.  They are much easier to talk to than mine (who isn’t) and we can just have an enjoyable evening laughing.  Unlike my mother, my MIL can remember more than 1% of what I say so having a conversation with her is easy.
  • Going to one of our favourite restaurants.  Good food and no dishes afterwards – bliss.
  • My birthday next week.  Already chose my gift from hubby and cannot wait to wear it (it is a Pandora charm for my bracelet).
  • A home filled with love as opposed to the house I grew up in which was filled with people.
  • Monday is almost done and dusted (2.5 hours of the work day left) and a relaxing evening can be enjoyed.

What are you grateful for today?



















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