Hello Friday!

Wow but this has been a busy week.  Busy in a good and productive way but I’m tired and ready for the weekend to roll around.

Gym, visiting a friend, grocery shopping, gardening, cleaning and laundry – the week has flown.  I also drove each morning to work which usually results in the need for two cups of tea when I arrive at the office.  We managed a spontaneous dinner out on Wednesday, mostly because we were too tired from cleaning after work to cook.

But running around non-stop this week means that a relaxing weekend is ahead and I’m looking forward to that.  We have a date night planned for this evening.  Off to the movies after work, dinner and then a walk around the casino.

Tomorrow we plan to sleep in, have a slow breakfast and then go to Franschhoek.  We might fit in a gym workout and wash our cars but have nothing else planned.  Bliss.

My Friday gratitude list this week includes:

  • visiting a wonderful friend and meeting her adorable baby
  • An e-mail from my mother this week – with an invitation to breakfast where we can talk things through.
  • Reading two books at the same time and enjoying both
  • A relatively quiet week at work
  • A clean home with the ironing all finished (for now!)
  • Garden is looking beautiful thanks to hubby
  • Driving each morning and getting the hang of the tricky access boom in the office complex
  • Hubby’s patience re above and everything else!

What are you happy about on this Friday?



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