Friday gratitude

Friday has arrived and the weekend is 8.5 hours away.

Instead of focusing on the fact that my parents are excluding me from my Father’s 60th birthday dinner, hand’t told me they weren’t planning a party so I kept 2 weekends open (just in case), aren’t exchanging Christmas gifts with hubby and I but are hosting a Christmas lunch for my Dad’s family…..well there is a lot to NOT focus on.

Instead of wondering for the billionth time what I’ve done to my parents to make them like this I’m going to ponder some positives.

– I have my own car.  Hubby bought himself a new one recently (an awesome Opel Astra) and gave me our current car.  Super exciting.  I’ve driven once this week but really chuffed to have my own wheels.

– The Christmas tree is up and our home is looking rather festive with decorations on door handles, ornaments in the lounge and bedroom and the mistletoe by the stairs.

– Less than one week until bonus time *does a happy dance at desk*

– Taking extra leave this month.  I added a few days to my planned leave and with the public holidays and weekends it amounted to over 2 weeks.  Bliss.  5 more working days left.  CANNOT WAIT.

– Hubby and I are having our 10 year anniversary in a few weeks time.  Gifts have been chosen, bought, wrapped and are currently sitting in the cupboard in our study.

– We ordered a delicious platter for dinner tonight and the wine is currently chilling in the fridge in preparation for a relaxing evening.

– Planning a braai tomorrow evening and we have bought new sand, stocked up on charcoal and bought everything needed last night after work.

– Tea.  I cannot imagine a day without it.

What are you grateful for this week?










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