Needed: Another weekend

As I sit typing this on Sunday evening I am absolutely exhausted.  Today was a super hot day so my energy levels feel depleted and it is almost too warm for a cup of tea (note almost).

This weekend passed in a blur with some excitement but other frustrating parts and confusing segments that just drained me.

It started out pretty well.  We got a new car on Friday which was pretty exciting.  Hubby has being eyeing the Opel Astra and finally decided to take the plunge last week.  We went to collect her on Friday after work and she is beautiful.  It also means that I keep the old car as my own now, so I’m stoked about that.  We went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant to celebrate afterwards 🙂

Saturday we decided to go to Home Affairs.  Apparently going on a Saturday isn’t the best idea.  We stood/sat/waited for five hours.  Five.  Enough said.

We then had a couple of hours before going to my parents for the family dinner.  The evening was to honour my Gran and remember her while spending time together.  All my Gran ever wanted was for everyone to get on but some relatives saw having the last word as more important.  As hubby so truthfully pointed out, my Gran’s in-laws caused the most grief for her actual family than anyone else.  But that is another story.  My parents went to alot of effort and I’m grateful to them for the love and care they put into the evening.  After dinner, we sat in the lounge and each shared a story about my Gran and what she meant to us.  One Uncle shared nothing and the other shared the same story (all about him and his rudeness to my Gran – who shares that???) which we already heard when he harped on about it the day she died. Hubby gave me a look which read:  Some of your family are insane.  I returned one which said:  I know.

Apart from my parents and sister, nobody could say anything in the form of congratulations about our car.  One Aunt snarkily asked if it was a company car and raised an eyebrow when we said no, it was ours.

But that is my family.  And my Gran was nothing like them and I miss her even more.

Today hubby and I went out for breakfast and then rushed back so I could go shopping with a friend.  I didn’t overdo it.  Just bought some shorts, shoes for work and slippers for myself.  Christmas cups and plates which looked festive and surprised hubby with some DVD’s.

I’m bushed now, going to go have dinner and climb in early with a book.

What was your weekend like?




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