Yippee – Friday has arrived!  It has been a busy one here at the office but this afternoon should be less hectic and I look forward to catching up on e-mails and some paperwork with a cup of tea.

Going on leave always means some running around and ensuring that everything is in place before logging off and enjoying a break.  I have four working days left and cannot wait for Thursday 4:00pm to arrive.  Going to visit one of our favourite places and I’m doing a mental countdown with each day 🙂

We are hoping for good weather but since it cannot be controlled, no point in worrying about it.  Just being in nature with hubby, seeing wildlife and relaxing together will be great.  It is a very long drive and we are breaking the trip up with one night in Wilderness and then continuing to PE the next day.  I’m planning on leaving my data off from the moment we leave Cape Town and only switching it back on when we return.  At least family can get hold of me by phoning but no other interruptions are needed.

I’m tired of being contactable by everyone all the time.  It is exhausting.  I’m tired of being added to Whatsapp groups and I’m over being bombarded with stuff.  All.  The.  Time.  Tempted to just deactivate the app quite often!  It will be great picking up my phone and not seeing you have x amount of messages from x chats.

Anyway enough waffling from me.  Looking forward to the weekend and getting my Gran’s project completed 🙂




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