October highlights and November goals

Am I the only one that thinks October sped by far too quickly?  Here one moment, gone the next!  This year is going so fast and I feel shouting “slow down – I’m not ready” or “wait, I’m not done here yet”  So I’ve compiled a list of highlights from the month that ran away from me and a list of goals I hope to achieve in the present one.

Highlights from October:

– My Gran finding a place in a lovely frail care facility that looks after her and makes her as comfortable as can be.   It is close by and the visiting hours are great.

– Sister’s eye operation went well and the Doctor is happy with her eyes.

– Hubby’s amazing news at work.  He has worked at the company for nearly two decades and it is wonderful to know his years of hard work are appreciated.  I am so proud of him.

– I discovered a Vitamin that works for me.  Someone mentioned the benefits of Vitamin B and I decided to give it a try.  3 Weeks later I’ve been taking a Vitamin B Complex each morning and just feel better.  I have more energy and I feel less stressy.

– An out of this world experience this past weekend.  My boss and his wife spoilt hubby and I with a voucher to a wilderness retreat.  Oh my goodness, we were speechless upon arrival.  A weekend in nature, having a personal guide who saw to everything we needed, delicious meals and high tea!  Hiking, biking and cannoeing plus a private picnic which was set up just for us – it was stunning.

– Finally getting around to sorting out wardrobes, bringing down the summer clothes and enjoying the warmer weather.

– Getting over 90% in an annual test we do at work.  Each year staff do it online and I studied this year and was happy with my result.

– Having fun with the instant camera hubby bought me – I love that the photos pop out instantly and I have been putting them on a line with clips in our study.

November goals:

– Continue reading before work (with a cup of tea) to make my goal of 35 books read this year.  I wish it could be 40 but 35 is doable.

– Get my Gran a ‘fidget blanket’ which is a blanket with goodies sewn on to keep elderly people busy.  Zips, buttons and ribbon for instance is sewn onto the fabric and it gives them something to do with their hands.  Battling to get to a haberdashery shop to get it done.  Need to make time.

– Finishing up at work before I go on leave next Thursday.  Visiting Addo again and we cannot wait to see the Elephants and hopefully some lions!  Going to switch my phone off and just soak up nature – this is hubby and I time 🙂

– Continuing our running and trying to eat healthily as much as possible.  Striving for progress not perfection (saw that recently and love it).

– Making me time.  I gave myself a French pedicure the other day and it looks really pretty.  I also went to the spa to get ready for bikini season if you know what I mean.  Painful but worth it 😉

– Decide what to do with my hair.  It is very long now but taking forever to detangle after washing and I’m starting to feel like Rapunzel (with split ends).  I need to decide if I’m going to stay blonde or go with something more natural and choose a cut that suits me and is easy to maintain.  With gym I don’t want to fuss with lots of hair bands and clips.  I need easy – but pretty.  I’m tempted to go with a fringe but know I’ll regret it in 24 hours.

– Continue writing.  It is my creative outlet and I love it.

Here is to a great November everyone!



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