I need more weekends like this…..

This past weekend was just what I needed.  We had no plans apart from dinner out on Friday and it was a wonderful date night.  We were at our favourite restaurant and had reserved our favourite table.  The whole weekend stretching ahead was a wonderful thought.

Saturday we made a big breakfast at home – hubby made the bacon and mushrooms and I prepared the flapjacks.  We pottered around the kitchen sipping tea and planning to stay in our pajamas the whole day – bliss.  I finally got around to tackling our wardrobes and taking out our summer clothes, packing the winter ones on the highest shelf, re-organising the main cupboards and clearing out some of my shoes which freed up lots of space in the spare cupboard.  I moved the things we don’t wear often downstairs to the study. It took hours but the result was well worth it.  It is easy to find everything now and looks super tidy.  We had a relaxed evening – some wine and comfort food for dinner and rented “The Boss” which is a hilarious movie and had us laughing out loud.

Sunday morning, hubby went to Kirstenbosch and I did some washing, tidied up the kitchen table and organised my handbag.  I’m clearly on a tidying up spree at the moment.  We went out for breakfast and then visited my Gran.  Hubby had stopped off at the shop for some things for her which was really sweet and appreciated.  She spoke a bit during the visit which was great.

We went for a drive – trying to make the most of the warm weather and then napped, I caught up on the ironing and hubby made us dinner.

We watched “The Intern” which is an awesome movie and I adore Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in it.

Well that was the weekend, here is to a good week.




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