Sunday gratitude

In an attempt to be more positive I’m going to count my blessings more often.  Today was a great day but got away from me and I ended up tackling a pile of ironing while watching “Julie and Julia” (I’m big on multi-tasking).

But instead of focusing on the afternoon disappearing too quickly, I’ll list the positives of this week:

  • Awesome date night on Friday
  • Tracked down the clothing hangers we have been searching for – now I can finish organising our bedroom cupboard with matching hangers (it looks tidier)
  • The rain yesterday (and today).  Laying in bed last night listening to the pouring rain was so relaxing while feeling warm and cosy and knowing we could sleep in this morning.
  • We were disappointed that our favourite restaurant for breakfast was closed on Sundays but went somewhere else this morning and enjoyed ourselves
  • Went for a long drive afterwards and hubby got to take some photos of birds
  • Our home is clean and tidy, ironing up to date and laundry basket isn’t overflowing
  • Hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows) which I’ve just finished
  • Dinner cooking on the stove – comfort food tonight 🙂
  • Looking forward to watching “San Andreas”

What is on your gratitude list right now?



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