On achieving balance – why is it so difficult?

I’ve had a ‘life is too short’ sort of week.  You know the sort where you think of doing the right or healthy thing and then go with the fun option instead.

I’m trying to cut down on gluten.  I watched a program recently and was amazed at how gluten affects some people.  So I limited it (and some carbs) and was pleased that I felt better, my tummy felt good and with watching what else I ate I could fit into an old favourite pair of jeans.

Monday we went out for dinner and my careful diet just flew out the window.  Had a delicious burger and chips and a chilled evening with my hubby.  Tuesday was a holiday and we went out for breakfast, I could have ordered my usual omelette and ditched the toast but chose eggs florentine.  We did some gardening and felt we deserved a lunch of cheese and wine.  When I say cheese I mean a Cambembert wheel.  Each.

Wednesday a work friend returned from her holiday and we had to go out to lunch to catch up.  We chose a Chinese restaurant nearby with an amazing lunch special.  I had a girls night planned that evening and could have ordered a healthy salad but by that time I felt it was too late for any sort of diet damage control and had a really tasty roast chicken panini with crisps.  And when I got home dessert was the remainder of the family size chocolate bought on Tuesday.

Yesterday hubby had a hectic day at work and we felt cheese and biscuits before dinner was in order.  I will not even go into the unhealthy choice that was our actual dinner.

So my Friday morning weigh in was certainly not what I hoped for but clearly what I deserved.  And I don’t feel great at all.  I feel bloated and slightly miserable (gluten can affect ones mood).

I should have this balance thing sorted by now!  I’m 33 and should be able to go out for dinner – enjoy a delicious and kilojoules laden meal – but then make healthy choices the rest of the week.  Why do we let one choice at the beginning of the week affect the rest of the week?

Have you gotten the balance thing sorted?  Would love to hear how!




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