On facing a fear

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fear of driving.  I feel incredibly uncomfortable, I find the entire experience stressful and I’m a wreck by the time I arrive at the destination.  I just don’t enjoy driving.

I got my licence at 19, here in South Africa the legal age is 18 but my father was quick to point out that a younger cousin got hers first (thanks dad).  I went for loads of lessons and my father liked to laugh at this fact in front of his family.  While I was sitting there.  “Oh she is STILL going for lessons”.  How hilarious.  Of course I paid for each lesson – you can be assured of that fact.  The one and only ‘lesson’ from my father which resulted in him shouting and me crying quickly showed the importance of a trained (i.e patient driving instructor).

So I got my licence and it has gathered dust for years.  Even when hubby and I had two cars, the spare one sat like an ornament in the driveway.  I had zero driving confidence.

Last night hubby insisted I drive to work this morning.  So a night of very little sleep and much dread ensued and this morning I woke up feeling like just admitting defeat and putting off my fear.  Again.

But I didn’t.  I got in, I started the car and I drove us to work.  Well to my work, hubby then swapped seats with me and drove himself to Town – but the point is I drove.

And I felt rather chuffed with myself all day.  Because I’m facing a fear that has stopped me from attaining a level of independence so many people take for granted.

It has taken 14 years to acknowledge the problem but if I address it regularly it will no longer be such a huge fear.

What fear have you recently faced?  How did you feel afterwards?






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