Mini getaway

After the longest July EVER, hubby and I decided we needed a mini getaway this month.

We packed early on Saturday morning and set off for one of our favourites – Hermanus.  The weather wasn’t that great when we arrived.  There were no whales (that we could see) but it was great to be by the sea and we spotted this Dassie who was happy to pose for a picture!

Hermanus 1

We went to a pub and had breakfast while watching the rugby.  Then took a drive to Stanford where the Canola fields are looking so bright and beautiful.


Drove slowly back, spotted some beautiful birds along the way (hubby was thrilled to take photos after so many weeks with his camera packed away).

We had some drinks at a pub nearby and then went to check into our hotel.

Hermanus 2

I felt more relaxed than I have for ages – hubby’s skin treatment, the chest infections, my gran’s health-scares and family stress just lifted and I felt so chilled laughing in the pub with hubby’s stories from his student days 🙂

We checked into the hotel and napped, then caught a taxi to dinner and enjoyed delicious burgers.  Showered and fell into bed and was soon dozing off.  Don’t know why I brought a book – I barely read two pages!

After checking out this morning we stopped on the way home to buy a foot pump for our bikes, cycling gloves and I found a cool t-shirt for gym.

Came home and had lunch while watching the Olympics – so many events to watch and we are loving it.

It is a four day week in South Africa this week.  Hubby and I have alot planned for Tuesday and the weather is predicted to be great!  Been a long winter – ready for some warmer weather.

Have a great Sunday evening everyone.





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