Hello August….please behave better than July..

July 2016 will not go down as a favourite month for me.  Last week I ended up at the Doctor’s office with a chest infection.  After days of not being able to talk and battling to swallow I made an appointment and got 5 days of antibiotics.

As if I didn’t feel like already like a terrible wife, I passed the infection onto hubby who has been coughing like there is no tomorrow and ending up on the same course of antibiotics (because he hasn’t been through enough with his hectic skin treatment).

We are both just extremely exhausted.  Between hubby’s treatment, my gran’s health scares, coming down with this chest thing…..we are so tired.

I’m determined to see the positives from the awful month known as July but I’ll admit I’m struggling.  I can be so negative without any encouragement – throw some challenges my way and I’ll complain like there is no tomorrow.

But I’ll admit that we are pleased with hubby’s skin procedure and his wonderful recovery.  And my gran seems to be doing well (the cardiologist is not pushing her to have a pacemaker after all).  We have finished our courses of antibiotics and I’m getting a sense of taste back.

So July is over and August is here.  We had a public holiday today, went to vote, had breakfast out and went to the Waterfront.  Came home and chilled and when a girls night out was postponed due to a friend being ill, hubby and I went out for a date night which we’ve just returned from.  Good food, a glass of wine and we even made some future holiday plans for next year.

I have a good feeling about August.  I hope I’m right.



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