Thank goodness today is Friday.  This has been the longest week – felt like months have been crammed into the past Monday to Friday.

I’m absolutely exhausted.  Hubby’s progress with his treatment has thankfully gone well and he is on the mend.  He is still uncomfortable and having to avoid sunlight but getting there.  I’ve been fortunate to get a lift with a work friend but I don’t like asking for favors (even though I’m paying towards petrol I feel iffy asking people for anything).

We had a scare with my gran this week – she landed up in the ER again and it seems it is her heart.  Not sure if she is going to listen to the specialist and have a pacemaker put in – hopefully she will see the importance of this.  She cannot go on having episodes like this – I’m hoping that everyone can make her see this.

I know my gran is elderly but I don’t like to think of her not being around.  I’m lucky to have a grandparent at my age – I’m well aware of this.

The week has been filled with scary stresses like this and lots of running around doing grocery shopping during my lunch hour, arranging with couriers to deliver hubby’s online purchases (at least he is keeping busy at home) and doing my actual job.  To top it off I’m coming down with a cold from hell if the scratchy throat and sore chest is anything to go by.  Feel so run down and in desperate need of the following

– a bubble bath

– glass of wine

– delicious dinner

– relaxing on the couch under a blanket with “Suits”

– Hot chocolate (preferably with marshmallows)

I would love this – in this order before bedtime.  Just have to go to the shops first and do a massive shop – AGAIN.  I still have no idea how on earth 2 people eat so much.

Have a great weekend.



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