So we’ll tick that off the to-do list…

A couple of weekends ago hubby and I went away with his parents.  A nice enough idea which I’m ashamed took me quite some time to get on board with.  We had a disaster of a holiday with the in-laws last year and I swore never again.  Not in this lifetime.

Yet I found myself warming to the idea (I blame the wine and summer weather on the evening I agreed) and so I found myself helping hubby plan a getaway for his parents.

*polishes halo*

Naturally we had to pay for every single thing since it was my husband’s idea.  I managed a brittle smile while they pretended to want to contribute – an idea as far fetched as time travel.

We set off on the Saturday morning all in one car as MIL refused to use hers.  So we had to pack 4 adults, all our luggage AND golf clubs into a normal vehicle.

No we don’t have a trailer.

And we went to Hermanus not Mars in case you are wondering why MIL cannot use her car on some out of space expedition…

Went the scenic route while I tried to run through all that we had packed in and fretted over anything I might have left behind.  Arrived and went to the golf course for tea before checking in.  Since it was self-catering we had to do the grocery shop and then unpack enough food to feed an army while walking up and down flights of stairs.  Of course FIL did his bit by staying in the unit taking photos from the balcony.

We had lunch and chilled out but I could feel my blood pressure rising and the relaxed feeling one has on a normal holiday (away from family and in-laws) evaporating with each hour.  MIL felt the absurd need to clean seconds after each meal as if the world will end if a plate isn’t washed and dried 30 seconds after it is used.   Of course hubby and I had to dry and pack away while FIL sat like some self-appointed king on the sofa.  He literally did nothing the entire weekend but sit and get waited on.  Oh and make extra work for us by forgetting things.  His cap left behind for golf (upstairs in the unit so hubby had to run all the way back) his glasses in the car (after golf) so hubby had to run in the rain to collect etc.

Hubby did all the braaing for each meal while I wished I’d brought more wine as it might have made me a little less aware of how lazy FIL actually is and how control-freak-on-steroids MIL is at the best of times.  The ONLY thing I asked them to do was take a picture of hubby and I outside and MIL refused saying she didn’t know how (uh you push a bloody button?) and FIL managed this task although it would have been nice if both our entire heads were in the pic.

I entertained MIL while hubby and FIL played golf which was the least stressful the weekend got since FIL was occupied at the time.  The only thing FIL could even do for himself was make a grand total of one cup of tea (for himself) despite all four of us being there and spreading marmalade on his toast on the much awaited departure date (and getting everything sticky in the process).  Meanwhile MIL felt it ESSENTIAL to wash every single plate and utensil, clean the kitchen and make the beds before checking out.

Give me strength.

I have made hubby promise that this task is now ticked off the to-do list forever.  I’m sorry for sounding like a horrendous wife and daughter-in-law but I will throw myself out a window if there is ever a re-do of that weekend.

FIL had the absolute audacity to announce they would be happy to do it again – we must just say when.  I had to leave the room before I stated that there is no amount of wine in this world that will make that possible.

There is NOTHING relaxing about a weekend away with my in-laws.  The highlight was dropping them off after we arrived back and going home to enjoy the last few hours of our weekend knowing this is a never to be repeated experience.  Not in this lifetime.








2 thoughts on “So we’ll tick that off the to-do list…

  1. I had a great chuckle at this! While I am not yet married, I feel your pain. I go away with friends (once a year, thank goodness!), but some time during that visit I inevitably find myself thinking “Seriously?! The wine isn’t strong enough to prevent me from having murderous thoughts.”

    • I’m sure wine sales go up when people holiday with family, in-laws and friends. I thought at one stage during the weekend that if I open my mouth to voice my thoughts I might never be spoken to by MIL and FIL again!

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