Pre-birthday weekend

It is my birthday tomorrow – turning 33 years old and I’m quite excited.

I still look forward to birthdays (a countdown is needed in the days leading up to the event) and hope I’ll never get ‘too old’ to enjoy this annual celebration.

In honesty I’ve been celebrating for a couple of days already (feel like a member of the royal family).  Well except for the fact I’m not the Queen, don’t live in a castle and am not British.  But I’ve been celebrating for a few days so I’m feeling incredibly special.

Started Friday evening off with dinner with close friends.  We were a happy table of great company and it was great.  I invited genuine friends and it is amazing the difference having people you want at your birthday dinner versus having people you feel obliged to invite.

Saturday morning, hubby and I drove to Hermanus to our favourite hotel and after drinks at a nearby restaurant we checked in and lay by the pool.  I floated around on a lilo and since I applied enough sunscreen, have a light tan instead of looking like a lost lobster.  We had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and then walked back to the hotel feeling too full but very content.

We checked out this morning after a big breakfast and drove back to a scorching Cape Town.  Have just had a nap because it was too hot to do anything else but sleep in a curtain-drawn bedroom while the hot day wore on.

Tomorrow I’m off to my parents where I’ll spend the day before hubby fetches me and we have a special dinner just the two of us.  Hubby’s busiest time is the beginning of each month but I couldn’t face going to my office on my birthday so I’ll have a day spent at my folks getting a fuss made of me.  Zero office politics and a day of spoiling?  Yes please.



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