Hello 2016

Happy New Year to everyone!  Hubby and stayed up to midnight and opened some bubbly when the new year began. He is currently outside doing some work in the garden (been up since 6:00am. how I don’t know!)  I am sitting in our study which is the coolest room at the moment – heat in Cape Town is hectic!

Anyway I was thinking about New Year resolutions and how I always jot a long list down and don’t always achieve them all.

Last year we did an amazing Big Year which is the name given to counting all the bird species you spot in one year.  We started on the first and ended up with 157 different sightings which was so much fun.  Hubby can identify most – even when they are flying – but I helped with ones we weren’t certain of by checking books.

Oh and I actually finished book no. 30 yesterday morning at my desk while having a cup of tea.

So that was two things on a massive list.  Which got me thinking.  Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve new year resolutions because we just write down the idea without really thinking of the finer details?  For instance “stress less” sounds great in theory.  I’ve always had it on my list somewhere.  Yet last year was the worst one ever.  Because I couldn’t say no.  Which is another resolution I’m still trying to attain.  So I’m making it easier this year by stating a goal and breaking it up.

Love matters

  • Show my hubby that he means the world to me.  It is far to easy to take people for granted.
  • Make time for people who mean alot to me.  Make sure they know how much I love them.
  • Practice patience.  Nobody is perfect.

Stress issues

  • Speak to HR this year about the second half of 2015.  If this is not sorted, find a new job.  There I’ve said it.
  • Do not get involved with drama addicted people.  Keep my distance in a polite but firm way.
  • Say no to things I do not want to do.  Do NOT feel guilty for a week afterwards.
  • Remember health is the most important thing – find ways to de-stress and lower blood pressure.  Ideas include reading and knitting.  Maybe taking up the colouring in craze that has so many people hooked!
  • Stop sweating the small stuff.  The irritating uncle, passive-agressive cousin, snarky colleague (or ten), rude in-law etc.  None of this will matter one day, stop making it matter now.
  • Let go.  Of the fact that I will never really be of major importance to my parents.  At the moment we are talking and things are going smoothly but I know that the moment there is a needy relative/friend/anyone on the planet who requires their attention, they will put that person first.  LET IT GO.  They weren’t great parents while I was growing up – why do I expect them to be any different now that I’m in my 30’s?  LET IT GO.

Healthy choices

  • Go to gym as often as I can.  Vary the squash with running and maybe do a class from time to time.  Sweat out stress instead of bottling it up.
  • Eat healthily in the week and treat myself on weekends.  Life is about balance.
  • Stop hassling over the numbers on the scale.  Health is more than a number between your feet.
  • Look into doing a nutrition course in spare time


  • Learn to prioritise (this ties in with learning to say no)
  • Don’t leave things for the last minute.
  • Make a special shelf with wrapping paper, gift bags etc so that we don’t ever have to give my father-in-law a belated gift in pink owl paper again.
  • Keep on top of housework.  When things are clean and tidy – I just feel better about the world.
  • Try organise linen cupboard before the end of 2016…..

It feels a little easier to attain when it is broken down into segments.

What are your New Year Resolutions?






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