So how many books do you read a year?

Firstly I hope that everyone had a wonderful festive season.  Hubby and I did our annual escape.  By escape I mean we booked our anniversary getaway which entails leaving Cape Town just before Christmas and returning just after.  Nine years ago we had the foresight to get married two days before Christmas and we use that as the annual explanation to pack a suitcase and accelerate to our favourite holiday spot.

Funny story, my parents had the same idea this year!  We met up on the 26th for a catch up and it was great.  We still did our own Christmas thing – for hubby and I this entails, opening presents, eating too much gammon and then sitting on the balcony watching the waves.  It is us time.  It is time away from our stressful jobs and the day to day routines that seem to eat into the week days.  It is time where we just chill out, the two of us, without family and friends.  It is just us time.  When people hear that we do this, they are astounded and sometimes slightly envious that we planned our wedding so close to Christmas and have an excuse to not see great aunt whoever who asks daft questions and falls asleep with her face in her plate.

Anyway we are now back and I’m feeling a bit blah about it.  We go back to work on Wednesday.  A fact which is filling me with dread.  That is another post.

Back to this post – I am curious to know what fellow bloggers read in a year.  I’ve set myself a personal challenge to finish 30 books this year.  I am currently on book no. 30 and have over 200 pages to go before the end of Thursday.

The book challenge was something I sent myself at the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately I mentioned it to one of my aunts (the most competitive person on planet earth) and she has taken it upon herself to make it a fully fledged competition.  Egged on by her husband (one of my least favourite uncles and believe me, I’m spoilt for choice in that department), she had taken the joy out of something simple.

The irony is that the books she is reading (and rubbing in my face) are all my own!  I am the doormat lending her bags of my precious books so that she can e-mail me to boast what number she is on.  Hubby said I should stop and tell her to use a library.  Actually there were some added words in there I might not repeat but you get the idea.

I work fulltime, have a busy social life, loads of hobbies and spent alot of free time in November doing NaNoWriMo and I’m letting a bitter aunt with too much time on her hands make me feel like crap for reading less than her.  She wouldn’t know what work was if it bit her, has nothing to fill her days with and has a retired husband who thinks being rude is an occupation.  Seriously he isn’t happy unless he has upset someone.

So I ask because I need to go cram 200 pages in before the clock strikes midnight in 3 days, how many books you read?

ps. I’m asking because I’m curious.  Not about to start a full blown competition – I get enough from family thanks!



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