This and that

Firstly can someone tell me how we are in November already?  This year went far too quickly and I feel a sense of panic that I’m going to blink and find myself in the new year.  Alot has happened since I last blogged.  Some good and some not so good.

I’ll start with the negatives first:

An aunt of mine is waiting to hear from her Doctor as they have removed a nodule from her breast and it was cancerous.  My heart is breaking for her as she lost her eldest daughter to leukaemia and husband to cancer.  It was awful watching my cousin and uncle suffer and I feel so sad and helpless at the situation.  Cancer is so cruel – it affects the whole family.  I can’t stop thinking of my cousin who lost her sister and dad and is really taking strain at the news of her mother.

Work is still stressful and they asked someone to help out because my replacement hasn’t started yet.  I’m incredibly disappointed in HR.  I am not going to the year end party because frankly I don’t feel as if I have anything to celebrate work-wise.  First time in 9 years that I’m not attending 😦

The positives:

My mother and I are on speaking terms and taking things slowly.  We both know neither of us is perfect and I need to remind myself we’ll never be.  But she came over with my sister, gran and two aunts on Saturday and we had a lovely time.  Small steps in the right direction.

I’ve taken up squash.  It is so much fun and I’m extremely grateful to my hubby (aka coach) for his patience and humour as he taught me how to play.  I have loads of bruises on my legs from not moving out of the way when the ball is flying at me but I’m learning.

I had the most amazing girls day with a friend at the end of last month.  We went shopping and just had a really wonderful time.  We ended up buying so much of the same things (we always seem to – it is quite funny) and had a really long lunch where we discussed loads and came to the agreement that the mutual “friend” who I’ve always thought was nasty is actually just plain insane and cannot be reasoned with.  Such a relief because I thought I was the only one who has suspected that for years.  We’ve both been left off her wedding list (hooray) as my friend told her the venue was really far whilst I asked her to return something she’d lent a year ago and those were two unforgivable sins in her opinion.  So now I don’t have to fork out a cent for a psychopath’s wedding and drive to the middle of nowhereville.

This week has been a good one and we’ve fitted in three games of squash, I met up with a work friend and an ex-colleague for dinner on Tuesday, I’m up to date with NaNoWriMo (over 32,000 words) and feel relatively organised.

Roll on Friday so the weekend can begin!








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