Missing: my ability to relax

I’ve always been one of those people, who when given a book and a cup of tea can be content for hours.  When hubby and I are on holiday and there is a bad weather day, I can get comfy on the couch and read an afternoon away.  Hubby, being an avid photographer gets ‘cabin fever’ very quickly and will wait anxiously for a break in the rain to rush out and take photos.

With work being so hectic (nearly 3 and a half months now, but thankfully they are going to hire someone to help out in the future) I’ve craved quiet no-plan weekends.  Last week, we were busy most evenings.  Monday we had a game of squash (yes I’ve taken up squash to relieve stress and get fit and loving every second), Tuesday we cleaned, Wednesday and Thursday we ran outside on the field outside the gym.  I also caught up on ironing, we did the weekend grocery shopping, I wrote an article one day, e-mailed my aunts – it was a busy but productive week.  Thursday evening I even prepped the dinner for the following night.  How organized I felt!  Friday rolled around and we enjoyed a glass of wine outside on our bench.  That blissful weekend feeling as enjoyable as the warm spring evening.

Saturday after breakfast I got comfortable with my book.  I was reading Dorothy Koomson’s “The Rose Petal Beach” and drinking gallons of tea.  I should have been calm and relaxed, the weeks tension easing away.

Instead I was tetchy and irritable by the time the afternoon arrived.  “I feel like I haven’t done anything?” I moaned to hubby who was understandably confused as I’d told him that was exactly what I had in mind for the weekend.

My ability to do nothing and soak in me-time has vanished.  I don’t know where it has gone or what I must do to get it back!  I know I’m not alone – you hear more and more people complaining they cannot ‘switch off and relax’.

This evening after running around the field to try to sweat out some stress, the weekly grocery shop and re-organising the bathroom cupboard I’m sitting here with the washing machine on and the urge to haul out the vacuum cleaner as someone (I think I might be the culprit) has walked sand in after our run.

Where on earth is my off switch?



One thought on “Missing: my ability to relax

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. I do a lot of moaning about no time, and when I have it I do even more moaning because I’m bored! you just can’t win

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