Weekend…..at long last

I cannot put into words how grateful I am that the weekend has arrived.

This week has been one from hell.  During the early hours of Friday morning (just before 1:00am.) I found myself laying in the dark thinking about the long list of everything which I had to do at work.  I tossed and turned thinking about the stressful week which resulted in working through every single lunch hour just so that I could be nowhere near completing a number of tasks.  I fretted over a conversation with a colleague regarding more work I needed to do my side – because someone in another department had found it too tricky to read something properly.  I tried to quell the rising anger at how I’m being taken advantage of and how the new boss assumes my time means nothing – he takes it for granted that I’ll re-shift lunch plans for his clients.  Who then don’t even bother pitching up at the allocated time.  Zero apology of course.

I took deep breaths and tried to sleep so that I could get through another day in the office without looking and feeling like a zombie.

At around 2:00am I got up to make hubby and I a cup of tea.  He couldn’t sleep with my tossing and turning and heavy sighs every minute.

As I stood in the early hours of the morning waiting for the kettle to boil I realised that this was bullshit.

Enough is enough.

I had to be at my desk in four hours so that I could try get through a mountain of work that was barely appreciated and certainly not remunerated.  HR probably thinks I’m happy as Harry when the truth is I’m re-considering my entire future at this company.

It was another 10 hour day where I tried to work through an avalanche of paper work and endless interruptions.  Avalanche of work 0, added stress levels and blood pressure 1 million.  Got to love how the fact I am taking minutes out of office on Monday pissed some people off – like I actively enjoying writing non-stop for hours, then spend more hours typing out documents which few bother to read.  As I made my escape at 4:00pm to two days of freedom – I was interrupted and made it clear I was on my way out.

I’ve decided to sit down this week with my actual boss – the person I’ve worked for, for nearly nine years and tell him that HR needs to either divide out the work (to anybody but me) or hire somebody to do this.

Good luck finding someone who will work for free.  Volunteer service in investment firms is not something that will appeal to many.

Off to make more tea now.  Have a great weekend everyone.



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