Tired of being the ‘yes girl’

I’m feeling so much better after a week of antibiotics.  This past weekend hubby spoilt me with a weekend away in Hermanus and it was wonderful.  Came home feeling relaxed and rested.   Watched whales, had some pampering at the salon in a nearby hotel, ate loads, started reading a new book, took long bubble baths and basically started feeling human again.

Monday I woke up with an impending sense of dread for the week ahead.  I took Friday off and can barely keep up when I go to work everyday never mind take a days leave.  Basically I’m now in month 2 of my new role which has meant my workload has practically doubled, I’m working from 6:15am. to 4:00pm. with no lunch and even then I’m nowhere on top of my work.  I feel beyond stressed out, anxious all the time, forgetful because my mind is on 23 different things at any given time and the best part?

I’m not getting a cent more for it.

I’m basically working myself into the ground, ensuring I’ll have an ulcer by my 33rd birthday and feeling awful whilst making everyone else’s lives easier and they haven’t even bothered to remunerate me for it.  I’ve been told to say if it gets too much (i.e they will then outsource it or divide it up and I KNOW they will pay for that).

I did mention that I was interested some time back but only because I didn’t want some other assistant to be offered it before me.  Some positions get snapped up and I thought if I showed willingness it would be an opportunity to do some more and thought (stupidly) that it would lead to an increase.

I feel ill with the stress and nobody seems to be taking any notice.  I lost my cool yesterday and ended up sending a very-to-the-point e-mail.  But enough is enough – I’m being totally taken for granted and for nothing!!

There are so many people who openly say no to things at the office and I’m beginning to see why.  I’ve been the ‘yes girl’ for nearly 9 years but I don’t see myself lasting another 9 weeks like this.  I’m going to say something – if I’m not remunerated accordingly, I will start looking for another job.  I’ll not speed up my journey to the grave for the sake of ‘being the good girl in the office’.



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