The flu that refuses to leave

After nearly 3 weeks of feeling ill I realised that it was time I visited the Dr.  I couldn’t keep calling the blocked nose, wracking cough, blocked ear/s and general awful feeling a simple head cold or a touch of sinus.

It actually got so bad I was sent home on Tuesday.  I had so much to do and put up quite an argument but my boss was having none of it.  He really is the sweetest boss in the world.  I’ll blog about work in another post but I spent alot of Tuesday laying in bed thinking of all I had to do.  Wednesday I spent more time sleeping, a bit reading and a small part drinking tea.  The Dr said on Thursday that it probably started out as a cold, turned to flu and is now lingering so I’ve got a weeks worth of really strong anti-biotics.  The only downfall is the nausea from the meds and I’ve never had a reaction from anti-biotics before.  I get a terrible headache and yesterday was dizzy afterwards for a bit.  It wears off and there are less side effects in the evening because I suppose I’m sleeping through them.

This weekend is a long one – Monday is a public holiday and I’m glad for the extra recovery time.  It is nice knowing there is an extra morning to sleep in.



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