Back to work

Today was back to work.  After returning to Cape Town on Friday we spent a relaxing weekend in Hermanus and celebrated hubby’s birthday.  I’ve been quite ill with the-cold-that-wouldn’t-leave and took it easy most of the weekend.  Sat in the hotel room on Saturday afternoon with a blanket over me while enjoying cupcakes and tea before we went out for supper (I’m aware that saying this probably makes readers think I’m pushing 90).

Now it is back to routines and I’ve cleared out my e-mails, caught up on my spreadsheets, diarised urgent things for the week and done the necessary to ensure a smooth week ensues.

Funny how quickly one gets back into routines.  I lay awake last night coughing like a mad thing and thinking about e-mails and how busy this week was going to be.  But within minutes of arriving at the office, with tea in one hand and my diary in the other, I was back into the swing of things.

Going to take a few days to catch up on the laundry and I need to spend some time one evening e-mailing family.  I’m tempted to not have my e-mails come to my phone in future.  It isn’t easy to relax with relatives constantly e-mailing one.  Sounds terribly insensitive I know 😦 but we were on holiday and everyone knew this.

Have a great Tuesday everyone



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