Winter holiday

Hubby and I treated ourselves to a winter holiday.  We drove up to the Eastern Cape last Saturday, booked into a beautiful hotel in PE and had 6 blissful days of visiting Addo Elephant National Park, Jeffrey’s Bay and seeing Port Elizabeth.  It was a wonderful break.  We have visited Addo before and being amazed at the beauty of the park and all the animals in it.  The birdlife is also stunning if you are a keen birder – we both are 🙂  So we enjoyed this visit very much.  The animals are more active at the watering holes during summer so we saw less elephants but the ones we saw took my breath away because they walk so close to the car!  There are lions, zebras, warthogs, black-backed jackals, buffalo’s and various buck – the list is endless.



Addo has a Cattle Baron so we had delicious breakfasts and lunches there.  I stocked up at the gift shop on magnets (I cannot go on holiday without purchasing magnets!)

The hotel was very luxurious – I loved the small touches of extras which was everywhere.  Housekeeping, room service and a gym just a few floors away – I could get used to that life!


Unfortunately I came down with a head cold from hell.  I’m refusing to say the ‘f’ word (referring to flu for the record) as the one going around Cape Town seems to last ages.  So I’m resolute in my self-diagnosis that this is a “sinus situation of sorts” which will cure itself very soon.  Knocking back Corenza C’s, painkillers and throat lozenges (obviously not at the same time) while going through 2 boxes of tissues meant no drinking.  So I was the sad individual sipping tea at the restaurant each time we ate.

We drove home this morning and arrived this afternoon. There is a bottle of rose chilling in the fridge.  I’m foregoing my Corenza C for a glass or two – hopefully don’t pass out before 7:00pm!

Tomorrow morning we are off to Hermanus to celebrate hubby’s birthday weekend.  I’ve got to wrap up his goodies before we go.  Going to enjoy a drive that is less than 2 hours (spent 9 hours today in the car coming home!!)

Have a great weekend everyone.



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