Housewarmings, cheat icing and schadenfreude

Sitting here in my jim jams about to have a cup of tea.

After a really busy week at the office (I have a new boss and he is lovely but I’ve taken on alot of extra work) I spent Friday evening rushing around the supermarket with hubby before coming home and starting my baking.  I desperately wanted to climb into a hot bath with my book (a Carole Matthews book I am loving) and then chill on the couch with a glass of wine but it was not to be.  It seemed like a good idea months ago to offer to bake for my friends housewarming but after an exhausting week our kitchen was filled with some very un-lady-like words and “what was I thinking”? Which was muttered at regular intervals.

I ended up cheating with the icing – I didn’t have time to fuss around with chocolate ganache and of course got caught out on Saturday afternoon.  One friend asked for the icing recipe and I had to come clean.  Why people cannot just leave a topic i.e someone looks uncomfortable but they keep on asking questions….. For all you know someone could be protecting a secret family recipe passed down through generations. Or in this case the shameful fact that they bought a tub of ready-made icing from the supermarket.

At first I felt bad but then got over it.  I worked a full week with piles of extra work and I’m not going to feel ashamed for saving myself time.  I bought a lovely gift for our friend – went to alot more effort than the others and still spent my Friday evening wearing an apron as I pottered around with measuring cups and flour.  So take your guilt trip ticket sales and go sell them elsewhere.  Do people even realise what it costs to bake these days?  It would have been cheaper to buy a cake but I put both time and effort into something.

The friend hosting the afternoon was her usual lovely self and if it wasn’t for one snarky colleague who has something nasty to say at every opportunity I would make a bigger effort on my part to see this friend more often.  But she always wants to include everyone and I cannot fault her on this.  I just feel when someone is showing you their new home you can actually say nice things.  “Well it is all you need” isn’t exactly very warm.  I think it is jealousy at how this friend of ours has flourished over the years.  She obtained her Masters, enjoys her job and now bought herself an apartment – the snarky colleague is yet to achieve one of these things.

Our friend didn’t let anything get to her. She never does.  She spent more time showing me things in her bedroom because I actually took an interest while the most ol Snarky could do was stare at my hair and ask daft questions about why I’d dyed some of it a different colour.  I did it in March so you can see how observant she is!

Usually an afternoon with someone like that would drain me but I didn’t care.  Or at least not as much as I usually would.  It is as if the older I get the less time I have for tactless people.  This work friend used to make me feel bad for being too busy to eat breakfast and lunch with her at work.  But it was painful listening to her out-dated and downright embarrassing views, mean gossip and nonsense.  I went through a rough time at work years ago and she loved it.  It was the worst display of schadenfreude I’d ever witnessed.  When the situation came right, she couldn’t let it go.  It was like she genuinely got off at my misery.  So I made excuses and now spend the hour before I start work reading.

And after Saturday afternoon I can see why.

Tell me, do you find you care less about silly people and pointless remarks as you get older?


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