Hello Friday, I thought you’d never arrive….

Been a busy week and I am so glad Friday has finally arrived 🙂

I am exhausted and ready for the weekend to start.  Trying to ignore a sore throat that has been hanging around for a while now.

I wish this was a weekend with zero plans (I sound awful saying that don’t I?) because I desperately just want to catch up on sleep, read loads, take a lovely drive somewhere and have a slow breakfast at our favourite restaurant.

A friend recently bought a home and has invited some of us from the office to come visit.  You know how when someone resigns you say you’ll stay in contact but never do?  This does not apply to this friend.  She is really lovely and makes an effort to stay in touch with a group of us at the office.  So I promised I’d make cupcakes and I’ll probably be baking until late tonight.  I’m going to make an icing I don’t make often and I’m hoping it comes out alright.  If it doesn’t I’ll pop into the shops tomorrow and get a ready made topping (lazy I know).  We are going in the afternoon and I hope this sore throat has disappeared by then.

I bought her a little gift this week which I must still wrap and thought I’d buy hubby and I some new hand towels at the same time.  I never thought I’d be the sort of person who enjoys buying hand towels for our bathrooms but there you have it.  I found it more enjoyable than the shoes I bought later in the week (and they are beautiful heels with a bow in front).

I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking of random things which seems rather pointless now.  This included:

– I need to catch up on the washing and ironing this weekend

– Really need to sort out our bedroom cupboard – feeling a bit disorganized.

– Will the icing work out?  Should I start the baking in the evening and then have a sleep in on Saturday morning?  I need to remember to let the butter soften – too tricky to work with otherwise.

– Will this weeks healthy eating pay off on the scale in the morning?

– Going on leave in just over a week – will I get everything done?

– Wax at lunchtime – ugh not looking forward to that.

– Glad I gave the new boss all the documents required for his first meeting tomorrow.

I mean really – what a load of mumble jumble rolled around in my head while I tried to sleep.  Hubby’s steady breathing told me he was in dreamland while I lay thinking about nonsense.

Needless to say I am tired this morning and this cup of tea just isn’t cutting it.

Roll on 4:00pm!


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