Pics that made me smile

Instead of banging on about how stressed I am at work, I thought I’d post some pictures that made me smile recently.

The weekend before last was wonderful.  We got up at an extremely early hour (for a Saturday) and drove to West Coast National Park.  The sunrise was beautiful.


We got into the Park shortly after they opened and it was freezing cold but quite a few birds were out and about.  It took ages to warm up and I was glad I bought a book while hubby went to take pictures from inside one of the bird hides.  He got back to the car absolutely frozen!

West Coast National Park

We then went to grab a bite to eat from a Steers nearby before checking into a hotel in Langebaan.  The view from the bedroom was stunning.


The bedroom was super comfortable and there was a fireplace for those wanting to make it extra cosy!

We chilled out, I had a long nap while hubby found something to watch on tv.  In the evening we took a quick drive to the Park again before going to get supper.  I must say take aways in a hotel is always decadent!


The next morning we had a delicious buffet breakfast before packing up and going home.

The week at work passed in a blur but I was determined to snap a pic of something that made me smile in the office.  I got this one of my cactus plant grabbing some winter rays.


Friday ended off with a trip to one of my favourite Clinique counters where I spoilt myself 🙂

Clinique goodies 2

Anyway back to Monday.  Hopefully get some more happy snaps by the end of the week.



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