Hello Friday……please stay as long as you like!

Been a very rushed week and I cannot say how glad I was when the alarm went off this morning and signalled the start of Friday and the fact that the weekend was a few hours away.

Ended an hour early and it is amazing the difference those 60 minutes make.  Hubby and I popped into the shops to buy a few things for the weekend, got home and opened a bottle of wine which we enjoyed outside on our bench.  I put out some snacks and we chilled in the garden.

Great start to the weekend.  I enjoyed a long bubble bath and read for a bit – don’t know why I only realised a few years ago how relaxing a book and bath (combined) can be.  I’ve lost a few bookmarks but they were easily replaced 🙂

Some highlights to the week that has finished were:

– Being given a project at work and finishing it timeously.  Knowing I helped another department out and still managed to finish my work was a good feeling.

– Getting the Clinique free gift with purchase.  I love the goodies and the bag

– Hubby had a great day bird-watching.  He finished painting an area on one of the walls in the lounge so it is damp-proofed and ready for winter.

– Weekend has arrived at long last.  Supper is on the stove as I sit here sipping tea.

– Going away tomorrow and staying overnight in a lovely guestlodge.  I’m packing in very little and taking a book I’ve been enjoying.  Love Marian Keyes 🙂

Have a great one.



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