Alot can be said for a quiet weekend.

This weekend has been blissful.  I saw nobody, went to very few places, did no shopping and didn’t even put on make up.  It was THAT good.

Hubby had golf yesterday and I just pottered around in my jim jams eating toast, reading and drinking loads of tea.  We went for a drive in the afternoon and then went to try get some sunset pics.  I sat in a bubble bath afterwards with my book surrounded by bubbles and sipping a cider (I know a glass of wine would have sounded much more impressive). We ate a massive dinner and chilled out on the couch, just the two of us.  I dozed off while hubby watched the Masters.

This morning we got up at 10:00am.  A record for us – we hardly ever sleep so late.  Hubby went to get breakfast and some goodies for supper and I stayed in my pajamas for hours.  Did a ton of ironing, numerous loads of washing, cleaned our bedroom and watched movies I’d taped.  The hours just melted into one another and before we knew it the evening had arrived.

We jumped in the car and went to watch a stunning sunset in Kommetjie.  It was the perfect way to end a quiet and peaceful weekend.



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