The holiday from HELL

The holiday which hubby and I looked forward to with unrestrained excitement (for months) turned out to be “The Holiday From Hell”.  Well that is what we are referring to it as.

We planned this vacation for ages, the reservation was confirmed, the flights booked, golf, spa treats and extra’s all organised in advance……thought it would be awesome.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.  We were robbed on the second day.  Got back to our holiday apartment after a swim, to find our cellphones gone and hubby’s wallet emptied.  Little concern and interest from head of security and management.  It was an absolute joke.  With no forced entry (one of our keycards were used while we were out) it had to have been an inside job.  But since staff have said they didn’t do anything, management is happy and have washed their hands of it.  They blamed us – we thought locking doors and closing windows were enough but we should have used the safe.  When we did lock (what was left) of our valuables in the safe, housekeeping went through our cupboards.  The one with the safe.  I felt really violated and unsafe the whole time and the resort constantly denied there is any problem with crime!

By the end of the world’s longest week we were so glad to get on that plane and come home.  I’ve never been so homesick before.  We spent a quiet weekend at home after landing the night before.  I e-mailed a friend to let her know I needed to postpone dinner plans (texting not being an option with no phone) and her biggest concern was which restaurant we were going to.  She didn’t even ask if we were okay or how the rest of our holiday was.

I’ve suddenly realised how fickle some of my friendships are and it has been an eye opening experience.

I didn’t expect to be smothered in sympathy but there was literally zero concern of any sort.

I’ve been feeling so tired and run down since we got back.  I doze off on the couch in front of the tv every night.  Then go to bed, sleep the whole night through and wake up exhausted.  I need gallons of tea and coffee to get me through the day awake.

Feeling upset over what happened doesn’t seem to be an option – all everyone can say to me is how I should be grateful we didn’t walk in on the robbery.

Sorry I don’t have the energy to whip out my gratitude journal and write that as an entry.



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