Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery!

In primary school I had a friend who thought being a copy-cat was completely normal.  I would be bought a new shirt by my parents and a day later she’d get her mother to phone mine to find out where it was bought.

My bestie and I once did a course of sorts during our school holidays.  Copy-cat found out and before you could say ‘annoying clone’ had enrolled and was joining us.  I learnt that with this ‘friend’ telling her less was definitely better.  The thing was I had to save my pocket money to buy things (or beg my parents to buy it for me) whereas she’d get the same thing with zero effort or work.  Her parents just spoilt her rotten and gave her whatever she wanted.

We didn’t see each other after we went to different high schools and I thought that I’d never have to put up with that irritating behaviour again.

It seems I was very wrong.

With Social Media, there isn’t much that is private anymore.  Everything is blurted out for all and sundry to see.  I keep my circle of family and friends limited but I do enjoy posting holiday pics.   Well I did.  I have a friend who will copy wherever you have been and think that is normal.  We went to Aquila for a night.  She gets her boyfriend to book them two nights.  Then posts photos every five seconds in case she hasn’t bragged about it enough in the previous six months.  Hubby spoilt me with a lovely stay at a Hotel in Hermanus – her dad pays for her to have a longer stay.  And I get whatsapped constantly so that I’m aware of all this.

It is so bloody annoying.  Don’t you have any imagination as to where to go?  I cannot even go to a restaurant without a “Oh yes we must go there sometime” chorused loudly.

Again, nothing is handed to hubby and I on a silver plate.  We actually have to pay for things!  We don’t live in lala land where our parents fork out for every expense.  We have to foot the bill to life on our own.  And I don’t brag and boast about it every fifteen minutes!

I’m so sick of her behavior – I don’t know if just taking a massive break from Facebook is the answer (who knows what she and her boyfriend will copy next).  I don’t want to be in the situation where we rock up at the same destination!  Hubby has literally asked me to stop telling them about any place we are going to.  That is how bad it actually is.

I’m even tempted to cancel the lunch she has dragged us into.  It is at a restaurant that I loved until it is now her favourite place ever.

How do you deal with copycats?


2 thoughts on “Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery!

    • In my crosser moments I’ve considered posting lovely holiday pics but giving her the name of a totally different place when she asks where it is. I’m awful aren’t I?

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