Year end parties – am I the only one that loathes them?

I always used to enjoy office parties.  For many years, I used to look forward to them and plan outfits for hubby and I (there was always a theme).  I also used to attend the various office lunches and fun days and have a great time.

And then it just stopped being fun.  The lunches became a chore.  An afternoon sitting surrounded by people (some of which who had, had too much to drink) and thought it acceptable to gossip and be inappropriate.

This year, after being asked rude questions like how often I have sex – by a pathetic male colleague, I skipped a few of the ‘fun afternoons’.

I received odd looks and comments for not going – apparently you can only use the “I’m too busy to attend” so many times.  I’ve run out of excuses and have to go to the year end lunch in just over four hours.

I’d rather do days of updating spreadsheets and typing out Board meeting minutes.  I’d probably enjoy myself more.

I am not a prude.  I’m not stuck up and I’m certainly not a party pooper but I just don’t feel like going and pretending to have fun.  The hours will drag by and I’ll feel uncomfortable the entire time wondering what rude and inappropriate topic will be discussed.  Some women use the opportunity to complain the entire time about their husbands and kids.  I feel terribly sorry for their families – they probably have no idea that they are being run into the ground to all and sundry at these staff lunches.

Joy of joy the task of organising these events move from department to department which means we’ll probably be lumped with it next year.  Being a small department this will mean even more work for me to plough through.

I know I should be grateful that we are spoilt with a year end party but I feel so blah this morning and wish I could get out of it so badly.  This is the first year there are no partners going – so it is an afternoon party instead of an evening one.

It will at least be over by this evening.  This is the thought that will get me through it!



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