This November vs last year

Not too certain how it is only Wednesday today!

Yesterday was a really busy but productive day.  At work I managed to tick off everything on my to-do list.  Then hubby and I dusted off our gym membership cards and went for a run.  We did a grocery shop and then at home I managed to write 2000 words for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  After supper I ploughed through a pile of ironing while hubby finished off some work on his laptop.

I love productive days where things just get done but the downside is that you sometimes end up doing dishes after 11:00pm. and wake up feeling exhausted the next morning.  I am in desperate need of coffee this morning – sadly tea won’t cut it right now 😉

I was thinking how much calmer I feel this November compared to last year this time.  Last year was a mad rush before the festive season.  Hosting a supper club (so much work!), baking for most friend’s birthdays, running around buying Christmas presents, stressing over what to get who, the ‘fun’ pre-Christmas party where I spent a fortune on food and ages baking – (so some couples could bring a salad and think they are Santa Claus with their ‘generosity’).  Somehow managed to take part in National Novel Writing Month (only by staying up until after midnight at times).  It was ridiculous.

And this year? I just feel over that.  I actually broached the whole Christmas gift thing with a group of friends.  Last year spending a fortune on thoughtful gifts was not happening this year again.  I’m not cheap but I refuse to spend time and money when others think they can spend a fraction and give zero thought.  So that is that.  Then another friend and I discussed sticking to birthdays for gifts going forward which suits me – we agreed that everyone has enough expenses this time of year.

I’m so over being sucked into the commercial side of Christmas and feeling stressed out by overcrowded malls and over-spending.

Also hubby and I have said no to enough endless invites for the hint to be gotten.  I am not going to say yes to things I don’t want to attend.  And learning to say no and have some weekends filled with doing what I want….has made me feel like me again.

So this November (for the first time in ages) has been spent feeling calm.  I am enjoying my writing and this past weekend was filled with hubby and I chilling together and having a great time relaxing.  This weekend I’m having family around for cake and tea but I’m not baking anything – just buying cakes and goodies at the supermarket.  I do not feel lazy – I just don’t have the time to devote a Saturday morning to baking.

When you learn to say no and manage your time, you really do feel better.  Wish I’d figured this out years ago!


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