Book hangovers and other bookworm musings

From the time I learnt to read, I’ve loved books and cannot imagine a world without them.

Growing up I was a bit of a bookworm.  I always had a book in my school bag and getting books as a gift was a real treat.  I loved visiting libraries and when I started working I ended up reading even more (I used to spend an hour a day on the train going to and from work so I managed to read lots during those years).

My father-in-law actually even got me hooked on some Authors.  He would get library books out for himself and would then get one for me at the same time.  Thanks to him I discovered Sandra Brown whose books I still enjoy.

These days I cannot walk past a book shop.  I’m a regular at Readers Warehouse where I am incapable of just looking at the books and not buying four or five at a time.  At work I keep a book in my desk drawer and read before the work day starts and sometimes during lunch.  This year I’ve read 26 books so far (happened to keep a count for the first time just to see how much of a bookworm I actually am).  I adore how a person can escape into a book.  Sometimes I enjoy a book so much that I get a ‘book hangover’ when it finishes.  I cannot just start a new book and move on because I’m still living in the previous one.

I’d love to carry on with the book currently laying in my drawer (The Gift by Cecelia Ahern) but I know these spreadsheets aren’t going to update themselves.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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