Monday already?

Sitting my desk yawning and wishing 4:00pm would move along swiftly.

Had a lovely weekend (amazing the difference one day makes when added onto a weekend).  Hubby and I went to a Private Game Reserve with his parents on Friday.  We had a wonderful time – delicious food, lovely company, lots of animal sightings on the game drive and we stayed in comfortable units next to each other.  It was fun being neighbours and we moved the chairs from their stoep (or veranda as my MIL put it) to ours so we could sit around drinking tea and laughing our heads off in between the mouth-watering meals, the game drive and swimming.  It was only one night away and yet we returned feeling so relaxed and refreshed.

It was a marvelous getaway and contrasted sharply to this Monday which has been a mad rush of catching up on on days leave.  I cannot wait to go home and have an early night – feeling so tired and fighting a terrible headache.

I’m almost finished with todays extremely long to-do list but first I think it is time for a cup of tea 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far.



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