Manners: optional

We went to a wedding this weekend and it was beautiful.  From the radiant bride to the proud groom.  The stunning service.  The exquisite venue.  The delectable food.

Just one thing struck me and I wonder if others find the same thing.  Arriving late for a function (especially a wedding) is rude.  Yes there was rugby on but you plan accordingly.  We left home nearly an hour before the ceremony started – just in case the traffic was bad.  I don’t find it acceptable to slink in after the bride.  I also find that when you RSVP for two people then it should be expected that both people should arrive.  The bride’s parents must have paid an absolute fortune for the day and one of the guests rocked up sans her husband.  They had obviously had some sort of argument but wow – how rude can you get?  I was beyond grateful to be seated far away from this person and her dark mood.

I find that manners is something that is just getting viewed with less and less importance by so many people.  Someone else could have attended that wedding and shared in the couple’s joy but instead there was an empty seat and a glowering guest.  It would be a different story if a guest was ill – that is understandable but it clearly wasn’t the case at this wedding.

It doesn’t cost to have manners…….


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