Counting ones blessings

Am having a really trying day today and instead of getting caught up in negativity I’m going to sit for a few minutes and count my blessings.

I could moan about how tired I feel or I could appreciate the fun evening last night – stayed out very late for a work night and fell into bed after midnight.  I’m looking forward to an early night this evening 🙂

I could whinge that one of my sandals broke this morning (after arriving at work) or I could be pleased that the prestik appears to be providing a temporary solution and I have the perfect excuse to go shoe shopping.  Plus it is one day away from pay day – this sandal chose the right time to give up 😉

I could sit here feeling bad for telling a colleague I couldn’t help with something (I hate saying no and feel terrible each time) or I could be glad I took the time to phone her afterwards and check she got sorted.  We had a laugh at my terrible morning at the same time.

I could sigh loudly and moan about how stressed I feel with a big project I am busy with.  It has been a very busy morning juggling my own work around it.  Or I could be grateful that I never get the chance to get bored – work is too busy for that!  Plus I’m learning to prioritise – I took the initiative to say I won’t be available to help out with a different big task next week.  This project gets 100% of my attention for now.

I feel a bit better already.  Going to have a cup of tea and read my book during lunchtime – a great way to de-stress for an hour!


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