To each their own…….

Many many years ago I had a boyfriend who ran his own business.  He spent alot of time running down the job I had at the time (I was a legal secretary) and whilst it wasn’t my dream job the constant negativity was draining.  He was always pointing out how I was part of the rat race and was alot like a horse or donkey that plodded along with a carrot in front of my nose.  His believed that working in an office and holding down a regular job was ‘beneath’ him.  He looked down on those that with a steady income as if they had ‘settled’ while he was “his own boss”.

When we parted ways it was a relief and I thought I’d never have to sit through one of those smug speeches ever again.

Unfortunately I was wrong.  Out of our circle of friends, a few work for themselves and while most don’t broadcast the fact at every get together, two like to advertise it with a similar smugness I have seen in the past.

Undisguised pity when hubby and I have to work late or put in extra time.  They talk about other friends with jobs as if they are being held in an office against their will.

“They work like soooooooooo hard and there is always more work to do after they finish what they are doing.”  Um…isn’t that what a job is about?  “They have soooooooooooo much stress, it is terrible.  Stress is bad for your health you know?”  Or my favourite “Oh my WORD you get up so early, I could NEVER do that.  In winter it is still DARK at that time.”

I would never be rude and point out that having a job actually means being able to afford certain things.  A home costs money as do groceries and other necessities in life.  I actually enjoy knowing I have a pension plan and medical aid benefits.  I enjoy being independent whilst they are perfectly content to live with their parents with zero responsibilities.  One brags about everything her father buys for her.  She is older than I am, but doesn’t realise that the rest of us have to buy our own things because that is what adults do.

I have to say the bragging texts “I’m still in bed and it is almost 8:00a.m” sent when I’ve been up and dressed for almost two hours are getting old.  As is “no traffic for me, since I work from home”.  Yes I understand it is a short journey to your father’s garage.

I’m not sure what they expect?  A medal for doing their own thing?  One’s friend’s father does almost all the work for her business so I’m not sure why she pretends she is running for businesswoman of the year.

I say “to each their own”.  Having your own business is great but you aren’t any better than the those who work for companies.  I have never bragged about the benefits and many perks given to staff where I work, so I’m not sure why I get the ‘smug speech’ at every dinner.


4 thoughts on “To each their own…….

    • They don’t work together – each has their own business which is run from their respective parent’s homes (so I get to hear how they can end early to be together on Friday afternoons!)

      I just wonder why if they are happy, why they feel the need to blast it out to the world at every opportunity and look down on other people’s choices.

      • I still think they are secretly envious of not being able to work with “other people” and keep telling you all how wonderful their lives are to convince themselves. LOL!

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