Well thank goodness that is over…..

Today was a Monday from hell.  I am helping out another department with a project and have been enjoying it for the most part.  Except today my phone did not stop ringing.  At all.  The few times I managed to escape my desk – to go to the printer or the loo – I returned to a barrage of e-mails.    Caught those up in between the phone ringing and still had to do my actual work.  I needed to help with info for a presentation and type up an article my boss had written.

I managed to get a moments peace during lunch by hauling out my book and ignoring my phone for one blissful hour.  Then it was off to a meeting and then the afternoon whizzed by without me managing to tick off everything on my never-ending to-do list.

Left the office and went grocery shopping with hubby.  We had to go to two shopping centres (three shops in total) just to get all our groceries.  Were we buying some exotic ingredient worthy of an episode of Masterchef?  No we were searching for extra lean mince.

Managed to eventually get home and unpacked the groceries.  I was utterly exhausted – felt like I’d run a marathon – and we enjoyed a cup of tea on the bench outside.

Having a second cup of tea and hubby is about to start supper.  I’m going to go soak in the bath with a book and after the dishes have a relaxing evening in front of the tv.  After the day I’ve had, I feel I deserve it!


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