Friday is here *does the happy dance*

Friday has arrived – yippee.  It is a beautifully sunny day in Cape Town and the weather is predicted to be warm and summery this weekend.  I cannot wait for 4:00pm. to arrive.  Hubby and I are doing a day trip tomorrow to Hermanus (yes we love the place and visit as often as we can).  I plan on stopping off at a bake store on the way back so I can stock up on baking goodies.  I’m getting the hang of working with fondant and chocolate ganache is my speciality at the moment.

Apart from a tea and cake afternoon planned by an aunt of mine, this weekend is going to include alot of reading and maybe a spot of gardening.  Hubby has been really busy at work so I’m glad this will be a relaxing weekend for both of us.  I am not even making anything for the afternoon tea (and have zero guilt at buying something to take along as I’ve already baked this week).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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