Hubby’s close shave

Hubby hasn’t visited a hairdresser in decades.  His hair has been short since we got together and he insists on trimming it himself.  I help with the back and the sides by his ears but other than that he’s very self sufficient in the hair trimming department.

Last night he did his hair and I came downstairs to help tidy up.  I don’t know where my mind was.  The long day at work.  The supper I was looking forward to.  The fact that we have Friday off.  Long story short the shaver seemed to have a mind of its own while my mind was wondering. It isn’t an excuse but I seem to have taken a wee bit too much off the back of hubbys hair.  Of course then I had to even it out.  And then even it out some more.

Words like “keep calm and don’t panic” echoed as I tried to fix this.  Thankfully hubby wasn’t phased.  “It will grow back” he calmly said after surveying the damage.  Until then (from the back) it seems hubby has a really, really long neck.  He told me he’ll need a cap for whale watching this weekend.  And a scarf for the wind chill factor as the back of his head is very cold.

At least he could see the humour in it 🙂


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