So glad Friday has arrived.  Still fighting this hideous cold and feeling really awful.  I had to cancel plans this evening as my chest gets so tight in the evenings and I know I won’t be much fun feeling like this 😦

So instead of going to a hen night tonight, I am staying in and taking it easy.  Does it sound sad admitting I cannot wait to go home, shower and get into my pajamas?  I don’t want to do anything other than indulge in comfort food and catch up on sleep.

Hubby has been so busy at work – he has been working ridiculous hours and we’ve hardly seen each other this week.  So I’m really looking forward to a ‘us’ weekend where we don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time and there is no timetable to stick to.

Just wish 4:00pm. would hurry up 😉

Have an awesome weekend everyone


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I hear you! There’s nothing better – or rarer – than a weekend with no commitments. I’m sitting here with my cup of chamomile tea – I’m fighting something off too, there’s a lot going around already (so early in the season!). I hope you feel better after your wonderful weekend of R&R!

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