Busy Monday!

Wow but what a busy Monday it has been so far, not entirely sure where the morning went to!

Yesterday I was spoilt by hubby who insisted on taking me to Mr Price Home to choose some new towels and bedding.  We chose new towels for the bathrooms and a beautiful duvet cover along with some new pillow cases and a matching sheet.  I love new bedding and cannot wait to put it on later this evening.  I washed everything yesterday and just want to give it a quick iron when we get home.

I love chilled out weekends and after I got back on Saturday from the Bridal shower, we did alot of eating and relaxing 🙂  I made a batch of flapjacks to nibble on just before a big supper.  On weekends the diet flies out the window 😉

Today has been a massive contrast to the past two days.  I’ve got e-mails flooding my inbox – as fast as I’m dealing with them, more appear within seconds!  I’m busy with a new project at work – loving it but you have to manage your time to stay on top of your own work on days like this.

On top of trying to do this I have a friend who keeps sending texts regarding something she is trying to organise in November.  This is someone who is already getting anxious because we haven’t finalised plans for the Christmas party in September.  *sigh*  I don’t like to say no.  Lately we have just been inundated with invitations to everything from birthday suppers to just-because get-togethers etc.  Sometimes it clashes with something we’ve already said yes to and I feel ‘justified’ in saying “sorry we cannot make it.”  Other times I’ve found I genuinely don’t feel like trekking out far to a winefarm somewhere and spending a fortune on a lunch in some over-priced restaurant.  I simply don’t have the energy to summon up enthusiasm for something I’m not keen on.  And then the same people will organise a braai for the day before.  So add to that the hen night I’m attending on this Friday – that is our entire weekend gone.  So I’ve had to be firm and say no to a couple of things.

November is a very exciting month for me as I take part in the National Novel Writing Month.  Participants all write for the entire month and the aim is to get 50,000 words or more to complete it.  It is alot of fun (this will be my 3rd year taking part).  Obviously writing a minimum of 1667 words a day for a month is time consuming and yet try to explain this to people.

A friend has been sending endless messages all morning trying to plan this supper in November.  Firstly why the rush?  Secondly I have spelled it out politely that November is a busy month for me.  I.e please go ahead and plan it with everyone else, if we can make it, then I will let you know.  Hint not received.  At all.  So far I’ve been asked for dates.  When I didn’t give any (because I come to work to actually work), I was asked to confirm if the 1st suits us.  It does not.  Tried to decline politely (again).  Got given a date and day of the week that most definitely does not suit.  Hubby is fast losing patience with a person who will try to plan every minute of our weekend if we make the mistake of saying yes.  Seriously we have literally had dinner with these friends and by the time we got home, another invitation to another get together has been issued.  I cannot begin to explain how exhausting it is.  I had to switch my phone off because it wouldn’t stop beeping.  And any minute now, I’ll get an e-mail asking “did you receive my messages……”

So it has been a long Monday so far.

Hope everyone is having a better one!


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