Saturday morning

How I love weekend mornings.  Hubby and I have a new tradition these past few weeks, instead of going out for an omelette at one of our favourite restaurants we’ve been frying up a massive breakfast at home.  He is in charge of the bacon and I make the flapjacks.  In between many cups of tea we potter around with frying pans and spatulas before sitting at the kitchen table to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

I’m typing this in the study still wearing my jim jams and gown while hubby is watching the golf upstairs.

There is a few things I have to do today and I’m finding it an effort to get going.  My sister’s operation went smoothly and she could leave the hospital yesterday afternoon.  I had to get an update from one of my aunts.  Apparently everyone knew about her op but didn’t think to tell me.  My gran couldn’t even be bothered to phone me when my sister’s op was over.  But when there is a family supper she expects me to attend, well then she’ll phone the office endlessly.  People and their priorities hey?  Now I’m sitting with my sister’s get-well-present and no idea how to get it to her because I seriously can’t face seeing my parents and it seems daft to drive to another family member and drop it off for when they see my parents.

I’m so over my family and the drama, I cannot put into words just how much it drags me down and what it feels like.  I know others have been through similar situations – I’m not unique in this – but I cannot just seem to move forward and accept it.  Every single time I think to myself that my parents cannot hurt me any more, I stupidly open myself up so that they can do even more damage.  Hubby has told me over the years that they will never change – they are so stuck in their ways it is a joke.

It is sometimes so difficult to be positive when you are feeling like this.  I’ve even read articles on how to let the past go – but it takes time (to get over the past, not read the articles).

I am going to a bridal shower this afternoon for a friend.  So I guess I better get dressed and put some make up on.  I think I’ll feel better after another cup of tea.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


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