Quiet midweek break

Yesterday was a very chilled public holiday for hubby and I.  We slept late, drank tea and after breakfast I did some ironing while we watched an old episode of CSI Miami.  Gotta love Horatio 🙂

We then got dressed and cleaned (crazy I know but it was long overdue and we didn’t want to put it off to the weekend).  We are the only couple in our group of friends who don’t have a maid.  The looks of pity and quiet horror we receive when admitting we do our own housework…..makes me laugh.  You’d think admitting to doing your own cleaning was a huge taboo.  I really don’t mind cleaning our home and since hubby splits all housework 50/50 (I know I am blessed) cleaning isn’t a massive burden!

We took a long drive afterwards, the weather wasn’t great but it was nice to get out while the floors dried 🙂

Counting the cleaning as a workout (no skipping-gym guilt) we had lunch and then watched an old movie.

So I’m feeling rather relaxed today at work.  The house is spotless, I’m on top of the laundry and this morning has been a productive one but not rushed.  Deadlines have been met, tasks ticked off and I’m off to make another cup of tea.



4 thoughts on “Quiet midweek break

  1. funny you should say this, but I also did the ironing, have no maid and really rather enjoy household chores. We didn’t braai either, which was more about we forgot to!

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