New(ish) outfit

This morning I put a little extra effort into getting dressed.  Put on a new skirt – it is very different to what I usually wear – I don’t do busy patterns for work but couldn’t resist this skirt on a recent girls shopping day.  I teamed it up with the jacket from my work suit (bought many years ago – the pants no longer fit).  After making a mental note to have the pants altered in the near future I finished my outfit up with a smart shirt and a pair of heels.

It is a simple ensemble – I admit I copied alot of it from the manequin at the store….but the reactions have been surprising.

I’ve been told I look SO different.  That I’m dressed very prettily today.  That the skirt is lovely.  And I’ve been asked in a round-about-way if I’m going for an interview.

Either I look rather tragic most other days or just a little effort really makes the world of difference.

And no, I’m not off to any interviews.  Going to have a relaxing lunchtime now with a book 🙂


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