Mondays musings

After yesterdays pity post I decided that today I’d write about what I’m grateful for.

1.)  My husband who has always been there for me.  Who makes me laugh everyday at the most random things.  Who brightens even the most stressful and hectic of days.  Who makes me want to be a better person.

2.)  A great group of friends.  My bestie who has known me since I was five.  Friends I’ve met through work.  Friends I’ve met through family or mutual friends, clicked with instantly and then formed a friendship with.

3.)  Our outside bench.  After work we put out cushions and take our tea to enjoy in our back garden.  We have ‘no work talk’ rule while we sit there.  It is a wonderful way to start our evenings.

4.)  Shower gel.  Loving the Dove range at the moment especially the go fresh one with cucumber and green tree scent.  It smells amazing and is a wonderful way to wash away a day at the office.

5.)  A good cup of tea.  Like the one hubby made for me while I sit here in my jim jams before supper.

What is on your gratitude list right now?


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