Is it 4:00pm yet?

I have to give two presentations at work today. I’ve prepared as much as I can but still feel a bit unsettled. I will be doing 99% of it on my own but will have someone with who can answer any tricky questions if need be. I’ve prepared for as many questions as I can think of in the meantime.

I used to belong to Toastmasters and enjoyed it very much. So speaking in front of colleagues shouldn’t be a big deal. I should have continued but our club closed and life just got busy. Despite much encouragement to join another club, I haven’t gotten around to it. I also feel that the longer I leave it, the more I will lose my nerve to sign up again.

I have so much on my plate at the moment. Work is hectically busy – I’ve been getting into the office shortly after 6:00a.m, working through lunch and leaving at 4:00pm. Even then I sometimes don’t feel as if I am on top of my work.

Writing has always been so important to me but I feel as if I just don’t set aside enough time for it. I completed a Feature Writing course via UCT which was a wonderful experience and I would like to continue doing courses like that one. Just to find the time. It is the same with baking (one of my passions). I love it but these days just end up making goodies to put with friends birthday presents. I haven’t baked for hubby and I in a long time.

Then a busy social life – had to decline a supper and lunch invitation this past weekend – JUST to get some us time for hubby and I. I feel like we are constantly on the go and sometimes it is exhausting. And then I feel guilty – because making friends is no easy feat and we have a lovely group – from social to work friends – and I feel like I am pushing them away at times.

Next weekend is a friend’s bridal shower and her bachelorette party is the following weekend. An aunt of mine wants to organise a cake and tea afternoon at her place sometime – need to get back to her about that. An old colleague who I’ve stayed in contact with has organised a girls night at the end of the month. Another friend’s birthday is coming up – I had to decline the invitation as I just have too much on. Felt bad but I cannot be everywhere all the time.

I joined a bake club which I couldn’t wait to attend but this month had to miss a meeting as I was exhausted from a busy weekend and fighting a scratchy throat. I’m determined to go next month.

Actually just realised what a whingy post this is but it feels good to get ones thoughts out. I find writing to be so therapeutic.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend – hooray.


2 thoughts on “Is it 4:00pm yet?

  1. Hello Tea Lady. Good luck with the presentations – I always found a slug of brandy, under the dashboard whilst my p.a. drove saw me through – but think that won’t work for you. Tea?

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