The weekend that was

Sitting at my desk this morning sipping green tea (trying to start the day off on a healthy note) whilst musing about this past weekend.

It was awesome.

Hubby and I have been so busy with work and there have been so many birthdays and suppers with friends that we made this weekend an ‘us’ weekend.

No plans. No needing to be anywhere by a certain time. No having to dress up to meet friends. Just us. Casual clothes and comfort food. Relaxing.

We started the weekend off sitting outside on the bench in our garden drinking tea and nibbling on leftover pasta. It was bliss to just sit and chill and know we didn’t have to rush off in a few moments. Hubby made us a delicious curry later that evening and we watched “The Campaign” with Will Ferrell.

Saturday we woke up early and went to Kirstenbosch. I found a spot to read and hubby did some birding. We saw the owl on her nest and then walked along the Boomslang which is great – saw the most amazing birds along the way.

We came home and made breakfast – eggs, bacon and lots of cheese. Drank coffee outside and then hubby watched the rugby. We chilled out, went for a lovely drive to Kommetjie and then came home. I decided to try and organise our cupboards – move the summer things out and pack the winter clothes away. Found all my summery clothes from last year and re-packed the shelves and hanging clothes. Hubby made me tea which sped up the process – now I just have one shelf and the shoes to organise.

Sunday we slept a bit later and then had another delicious breakfast. We sat in the kitchen with the morning sunlight streaming in and to feel relaxed and unrushed was just wonderful. We went to a few garden shops and bought a flower pot and tray, potting soil, pebbles and lots of flowers. I stopped off at my favourite book shop and bought a couple of books. Was thrilled that there is a sequel to “The Devil wears Prada” 🙂

After lunch and frozen yoghurt we watched RV. An old but good movie. Made me realise again what an amazing actor Robin Williams was.

We then got busy in the garden, planting the flowers, watering them, tidying up the garden. The weather was so lovely and warm and there was no wind so we took a 40 minute walk.

I showered, put washing in the dryer and got started on the ironing and hubby made supper. I dozed off during the Mnet movie – was so tired but in a good way.

It was just one of those weekends that I didn’t want to end. I literally feel refreshed instead of drained (which is how a busy weekend can leave a person if they don’t take ‘me’ time).

I told hubby yesterday that this weekend is going to the same. I’m saying no to all invites to overpriced restaurants and going to be having another relaxed weekend with the two of us. I’m not even going to feel guilty about saying no. I work hard enough in the week – weekends are going to be a lot more relaxing going forward.

Hubby agreed wholeheartedly. I enjoy spending time with our friends but if we’d said yes to everything this weekend – we would literally only had Saturday together. It is really time I say no more often and relax a lot more.

Have a good week everyone. I have two presentations to give in the week so I better get started on that!


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